The development that Tecno Ruote has achieved over the last thirty years is the result of very specific choices. Commitment to the innovation and industrialisation of our products has enabled us to reach important goals. The company is held in high esteem both nationally and internationally. Great is the appreciation that the market both nationally and internationally has shown towards the company.

Tecno Ruote's ability to operate in such a dynamic, economic world enables us to provide our customers with product quality, as well as an extensive choice of products.
Our wide range of products enables everyone to solve handling problems using the most suitable wheel type.
There are many factors that affect wheel and support choices. All technical specifications and information on the correct use of our wheels for handling loads are included in the TECNO RUOTE catalogue which, to help you make the best choice, can be viewed here.

There are numerous factors that influence the selection of wheel and support. All the technical characteristics, as well as all the information on the use of wheels needed for the handling of a load, are covered in the catalog TECNO RUOTE, who is here possible to see to arrive at the most appropriate choice.

TecnoRuote A wide range of wheels.

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